Viticulturist and Owner


It was through my gastronomic ventures that I met the world of wine. The curiosity to better understand its secrets temporarily moved me away from gastronomy to search for a job in an industry that was, until then, unfamiliar to me. I was fortunate enough to spend a decade working in the different wineries of the Catena family, learning the keys to the production and marketing of wine. In 2010 an opportunity arose to acquire an abandoned vineyard in Vista Flores, the heart of the Uco Valley. Together with Alfredo, we decided to take the grapes from this abandoned vineyard and transform them into the best Malbec that we could make. That is how MAAL was born. Today I divide my time between wine, gastronomy, and kitesurfing, my three great passions.
Winemaker and Owner


Like my father, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather, I always knew that the world of wine would be a fundamental part of my life. After high school, I decided to divide my time between studying enology and working in wineries across Argentina and around the world. I had the privilege of participating in harvests at Harlan Estate (Napa) in 2008 and 2012, Pulenta Estate (Mendoza) in 2009, Montana Gisborne (New Zealand) in 2010, and Achaval Ferrer (Mendoza) in 2011. In 2010, Matias and I started producing Malbec in the simplest and most elementary way possible, allowing the expression of the grape and the essence of its origin to remain pure. Since 2012 I work exclusively at MAAL, and I dedicate the rest of my time to music, my other great passion.



Daniel Merlo, AK “Gordo“ is Alfredo’s eldest brother and very importart part of MAAL. His experience in Marketing, his capacity to gather people and his coocking skills have made of MAAL a place where things are always happening. If you are lucky enought to be hosted by Gordo you will understand what we mean.
Facundo Azzoni
“Facu“ joined MAAL in 2014 and since then he has became and essential member of the team. Son of a very prestigeous vineyard manager, he grew up playing in the vineyards and learn by practicing all the aspects of vine managment. In 2020 he graduated as enologist, and started assisting Alfredo in winemaking. Today Facu is and in charge of the managment of our Las Compuertas vineyard and the every day operatios in the winery. But most important, Facu is our official brewmaster, and the man behing our beer Ilegal.
Ignacio Ballester
Ignacio AK “Tuero“, “Nacho“, “Coco“, is a very close friend of the MAAL team that started giving a hand with sales and ended up becoming a true part of MAAL. Always willing to help with anything, Nacho’s main responsability is wine sales in Mendoza. But don’t be surprised if when visiting the winery you see him behind the grill making the best “asado“ in town.
Ana Cuadros
Anita arrived in 2018 to put the necessary order in a winery that grew faster than expected. Head of the Administration and Finance of MAAL, Ana is like a strict older sister who keeps the house in order, but without losing her sense of humor and good vibes.
Gustavo is the most recent incorporation in MAAL, leading the area of ​​Hospitality and Tourism. Behind this specialist in making those who visit us feel good, hides an eminent tango dancer.
Ezequiel Fraga
Father of Matías, a wine fanatic and tireless worker, Ezequiel managed in just a couple of years to grow MAAL sales in Argentina exponentially. He leads the team of reps and distributors and coordinates promotional activities in Buenos Aires. Ezequiel is another fundamental part of MAAL.
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