• Ambiguo La Vieja

    We named this Rosé “Ambiguo”, for having its origin in a base wine that could have either been a still wine or a sparkling. Unable to decide its faith, we decided it would be both. The image in the front, maybe a Young lady maybe an Old Lady, represents that duality.
  • mezcla Maal


    This Malbec is cut from barrels without conditions. A blended wine of indefinite origin, free, rare, and with a lot of personality. A tribute to "Lobito", MAAL's first dog, who was born and died in the winery.
  • Pack Bestial

    Bestial + Bestial Etiqueta Azul
  • NN Clarete

    This light Malbec of undefined color and great freshness is born from a careful blend of the rosé wine and red wine of the year. We call it "NN" precisely because it is neither one thing nor the other. The birds on the label represent the harmonic union between white and red wine.
  • Rebelion

    This is the first wine that we made by blending grapes from different vineyards. For us, this was a radical change, a "rebellion". Like the vine plant on the label, this wine does not have soil to cling to and will have to fend for itself. This Malbec Blend of three vineyards, combines the elegance of Las Compuertas, with the freshness of Vistaflores and the power of Campo Los Andes.
  • Bestial

    We named this Malbec “Bestial” afer the bestial nature of the wine that we obtain after fermentation. The grapes used in this Malbec come from old vines that only produce small and concentrated berries. Trying to tame this beast every year is a wonderful challenge. The dragon biting its own tail symbolizes the culmination of this effort.
  • Imposible

    This Malbec from Vista Flores represents the challenge of pursuing the impossible: reviving an abandoned vineyard, building our own winery, and trying to make a living out of making wine. Since we started in 2010 we heard the word “Imposible” too often. The impossible cube on the label represents the materialization of our endeavors: a dream of a life in wine.
  • Biutiful

    True beauty comes from within and needs no makeup. "Biutiful" is just that...a pure Malbec, without any 'makeup' to distract from the essentials. It does not see oak in any part of the process and is fermented in cement vats without additions or corrections. Its essence is represented by a butterfly inside a cocoon. Its beauty can only be appreciated by those who know how to look inside.
  • Ambiguo La Joven

    We call this white Malbec “ambiguous” because it comes from a base wine that could well have been a still or sparkling wine. Since we couldn't decide what destination to give it, we decided that it would be both. The image on the front, maybe a Young one maybe an Old one, represents that duality.
  • Biolento

    We call this wine "Biolento", in honor of the small and violent creatures that attack our vineyards, who represent the biggest challenge in ecological farming. The grapes for this wine come from our vineyard in Las Compuertas, where fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are not used. This wine contains less added sulfites than a traditional wine, it is fermented with indigenous yeasts, and it is bottled unfiltered.
  • Paciencia

    "Paciencia" (patience) is our icon wine, and our reminder of the maximum virtue necessary to achieve a great malbec. During three harvests we carefully chose the best barrel of the year, and from the blend of these three barrels a non-vintage blend is born. The wine will then rest in the bottle for at least a year before being released. We only produce 900 bottles of "Paciencia" every 4 years.


  • Maalisimo

    Maalisimo It was never our intention to contaminate Malbec with another variety. That's why this Maalbec, co-fermented with Cabernet Franc and bottled only in Magnum, is MAALISIMO (lousy).
  • Bestial azul

    Bestial Etiqueta Azul

    We named this wine “bestial”, an expression for “brutal, savage and tremendous”, like the wine this grape delivers after fermentation. Attempting to tame this beast is always a beautiful challenge.



  • Menjunje


    We love those afternoons with friends that start with vermouth and end with wine. Inspired by those moments, Menjunje, MAAL's vermouth, was born. A base of Malbec rosé macerated with a premeditated mixture of spices, botanicals and flowers. Something herbaceous, citric and very easy to drink, Menjunje is the perfect aperitif to accompany anecdotes and laughter.
  • Aceite de Olivia

    At MAAL we love to cook, and cooking without olive oil is like making wine without grapes. We use a it so much and enjoy it so much that we decided to create our own blend. This was born our OLIVE OIL, an Extra Virgen blend where the intense character of the Arauco variety, with its spiciness and a touch of bitterness, blends perfectly with the smoothness and herbal aroma contributed by the Nevadillo Variey.
  • Chivo x 2

    Pack x 2 In our permanent search to do as much as possible with Maalbec, we are encouraged to give our stamp to Gin, a drink that we love. We harvested some Malbec early that we dehydrated, and together with 7 other botanicals, most of them from our farms, we shaped CHIVO, an intense and perfumed Mendoza Dry Gin.
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